Practical Guide to Safety

Checking the Fireworks

It is important that once the display has ended not go immediately to the fireworks to see what’s left, wait a while. Go and have a short rest and let the fireworks cool down as well as yourself.  

Leave the fireworks for at least 5 minutes just in case there is something still burning with smoke rising from it. If you see this it could be a sign that it’s still working but has delayed for some reason. Keep Away until the smoke stops.

IF YES: Leave until the smouldering has ceased or douse with water until smoke ceases.
IF NO: Approach the firework with caution and make sure it has not been fired.

If you know you have a misfired firework, one that started firing but went out part way through, alert all the other firers that there is a misfire and to keep clear of it for at least 20 minutes. After that period has elapsed carefully approach it wearing your full P.P.E. to see if smoke is rising from it. If there is no smoke douse the firework with water to make sure you can handle it safely. Release it from the support stakes and place it in a separate box away from the other debris and mark the carton ‘LIVE’ on all visible sides and then seal with tape.

All fireworks must be checked:

Roman Candles
DO NOT look down the tubes, this could extremely dangerous. Ensure there is not smoke rising from the Roman Candle and approach it, they may look as if they have fired but when you release them from the supporting stakes you may find one is heavier than the others. This could indicate there is something still in the card tube:


  1. Check the weight against others of the same size, if heavier place in the 'Live' box.
  2. If you have a rocket stick the same length of the tube place the rocket stick in a known empty tube of the same size and mark the top with your thumb or marker pen. Now place the stick inside the suspected tube and if your mark is above the tube there could be a charges inside the roman candle that have not fired.
  3. Gently shake the tube and if you hear a rattling sound there will be something left inside, place in the 'Live' Box.

Do Not look directly down the tubes, check each tube and see if the inside is darkened and scorched. If it has the tube has fired but if you see one that has no marks on the inside there is a possibility of a tube misfiring. DO NOT dismantle the firework but leave it intact and place in the 'Live' box.
You may have a Multishot Roman Candle (Cake) start burning by itself after the firework has finished, this sometimes does happen. You should put out the fire with your fire extinguishers or bucket/bottles of water, don’t leave it to burn away to ash as this leaves the grassed area underneath burnt. If you are a park or private ground you should do everything you can to preserve the grass.
Look at the tube tops and around the inside of the tube should be charred if it has worked, if the inside is clean it may be live. Treat all fired fireworks as potentially live.

Make a visual inspection of any Devices before cutting them off the posts. When on the ground look at the turning drivers at the ends of the device if it was a revolving piece. Check to see if all the tubes have fired, if they have it is safe to place the device with the other debris. If you do see one that has not fired, contact your supplier for advice and then place it back in the transport carton and mark it 'Live'.

Set Pieces
Again, make a visual inspection of the Set Piece and check all the coloured 'lances' have fired. If there are a few left on the wooden frame, cut the ties and lower it to the ground, again contact your supplier for advice and place it back in the transport carton and again mark on all sides 'Live'.