Practical Guide to Safety

Checking for Damage

Roman Candles

When checking roman candles ensure that:


Rockets need careful examination to ensure it operates safely. Check the stick, if this is damaged the rocket may malfunction and possibly fly off in an unwanted direction. No matter the size of the rocket, the stick is vulnerable to damage such as breakages. If you find a broken stick do not use the rocket, place it back in the carton and contact the supplier for advice.

Check the rocket body, and if there are any cracks where the contents are leaking out, again this must not be used and should be placed in back in the carton. Note: if it appears the contents are coming from the rocket, place the body in a plastic bag to prevent further spillage. Remove the safety cap and check that the delay ignition fuse is attached to the rocket. Once checked replace the safety cap.

Multishot Roman Candles (cakes)

Check this type of firework for:

Ground Mines

These normally come in a pre-loaded mortar tubes and must be checked for:


This covers items such as large wheels and static fireworks on posts. Check these for:

Set Pieces

This covers all fire pictures, logos, etc. Check these for:

If you notice any damage with any of the fireworks always ring your supplier for advice. Never ignite any firework if it is damaged as it could possibly malfunction and cause injuries.

Once you have received the firework cartons, open the boxes and check for damage. This should be done in a secure area. If any of the cartons have been in contact with water and appear very wet, do not attempt to dry them out. Contact your supplier immediately for advice. Open the cartons and carefully remove the fireworks one by one and check to see it has become damaged during transport. Although firework cartons are very strong there is always a chance of damage during transport. If this does occur;

Place any loose packaging in a plastic bag and dispose of in the correct manor.