Practical Guide to Safety

Before Firing

 It is important that before firing your fireworks display is that you are completely confident that you have planned and covered all the safety features, but before you start the display there are a few final checks that should be made. Your list of checks may be far greater than the ones shown here, so it would be best practice to make a check list that would conform to your display.  

Full Display Checklist

Prior to the display, practice firing the display with all the crew in their areas of responsibility.

To help with your own lists or use the one we have provided, click the lists:

Leading Operators Check List:

Leading Operator's Pre Check List.pdf
  1. Check that there is at least one water fire extinguisher or a bucket of water/sand on site for emergencies;


  1. Check that all the fireworks are on even ground and securely fixed to stakes;


  1. Check that all fireworks fixed to stakes are attached to the correct side - the stake between the audience and the firework;

  1. Check that all the lighters are free and reachable;

  1. Check that all turning devices can move freely;

  1. Ensure all firers have their portfires where they can reach them easily. Check that the portfires are in a covered container with the touch paper ends protected from any stray sparks. DO NOT place the portfires in your overall pockets, it is extremely dangerous;


  1. Check that any Polythene bags are removed from Rockets, Devices and Set Pieces;

  1. Check that you are happy with the position of the audience in relation to the wind, it must not be in the direction of the audience;


  1. Make sure that all stewards are in place including those in the fallout area.

  1. Check there is no possibility of the spectators encroaching into the safety exclusion zone.

  1. Ensure that you have agreed a starting signal or cue with the organisers and crew.


  1. The senior (lead) operator should make sure all firers are thoroughly briefed on the sequence of firing and areas of responsibility. Preferably all firers should be given a ‘cue sheet’ with their own firings clearly indicated.


  1. Brief the crew on the commands to fire or stop firing the show.

  1. Make sure that all firers and controllers are wearing the correct P.P.E

  1. Ensure surplus material and rubbish has been cleared from the firing area.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee that all aspects of your display are on the check list as there may be other issues connected to your display that we could not cover in this document.